Permit Drawings

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Permit Drawings

Permit Drawings | Creative Directions - Oakland, CA

Permit drawings are a lot less detailed than construction documents but for some projects, permit drawings may be sufficient for a building permit. Creative Directions, in Oakland, CA, would be happy to draft permit drawings on your next project.

Permit drawings include general architectural plans with minimal details leaving the client to assume responsibility with their contractors to make all the decisions not addressed in the permit drawings. If you are looking for a minimal detailed drawing to apply for a building permit, use for estimating costs or taking bids, then permit drawings may work for you.

Permit drawings are not fully designed projects and are only to obtain a building permit. Further construction drawings would be required to use as the plans for completing a project. Common details left out of permit drawings include the way in which a heating system would duct, what light fixtures to use, how the cabinets fit together and the types of floor materials. Our design team at Creative Directions can turn your permit drawings into construction drawings.

The city of Oakland, CA permit office will depend on you to provide a plan sufficient to show the scope of your project. You will want to be as complete as possible. Consult with our associates here at Creative Directions to see if permit drawings would be sufficient for the project that you have in mind.