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Drafting | Creative Directions - Oakland, CA

When you have an idea in mind for a project, you might quickly sketch it out on paper but to communicate the full scope of your idea, you need a blueprint. Bring your ideas to Creative Directions in Oakland, CA to talk to our skilled team of drafters. We can create the technical drawing (draft) that represents your idea, which is drawn to scale and includes detailed specifications.

Here at Creative Directions, our associates use CAD to produce your drawings. CAD is computer-assisted design software that has replaced most manual drafting.

Our clients have a wide range of requests for our drafting associates. From drafting a simple schematic design to detailed construction drawings, our drafters are the best.

Schematic Design

Our drafters can come up with a preliminary design from your input regarding design ideas, budget and other information. Putting it all together, we come up with some rough sketches showing the general layout and appearance. This type of drafting can be used for cost estimation and bidding.

Design Development

Our drafters take the rough designs and turn them into scale drawings, with specifications and structural plan. Drafting these drawings takes more time and skill.

Permit and Construction Drawings

Permit drawings are a lot less detailed than construction drawings. Construction drawings are your detailed blueprints.

As-Built Drawings

As-built drawings are the final set of drawings at the completion of a construction project.

We measure our success by the success of your project. For all your drafting needs, contact Creative Directions and see what our associates can do for you.