Building Permits

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Building Permits

Building Permits | Creative Directions - Oakland, CA

A building permit gives you permission by the City of Oakland, CA to start your project in accordance with the approved drawings. Cities and counties establish minimum standards to protect citizens using codes and regulations. City and county building permits indicate that your detailed planning of a project meets their minimum standards.

The City of Oakland, CA allows a few minor projects without obtaining a building permit such as retaining walls or planter boxes, four-foot fences, decks and platforms, swings and playground equipment tool sheds and playhouses. For every other type of project in the City of Oakland, CA and Alameda County, building permits are required.

To obtain a building permit, you will need some general documents to accompany the application. The experienced associates at Creative Directions, located in Oakland, CA, can draft these documents.

Minor Repairs and Alterations

• Construction Drawings– Construction drawings demonstrate that the project meets code requirements and may include landscape, sign and parking design.

• Elevation Drawings– Elevation drawings indicate all finishes, new and existing, height of floor and overall structure and roof slope.

Major Repairs, Alterations, Minor Additions, Tenant Improvements and New Construction

• Construction Drawings – A construction drawing is a complete set drawn to scale, including specifications, calculations, details, systems and layouts demonstrating that all meets required codes.

• Floor Plans – Floor plans show the exterior dimensions, along with each room’s intended use.

• Structural Calculations – Engineered structural calculations show the planning for the structure as a whole.

• Plot Plans – A plot plan is a drawing of the site, including buildings, structures, retaining walls, sidewalks, streets, meters, contour elevations curb cuts, driveways, and the distance to property lines.

Contact our associates at Creative Directions to discuss your drafting needs for your specific project. We will be happy to look at your ideas and turn them into a technical drawing that will communicate your detailed plans and get you that building permit.