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About Us

About Us | Creative Directions - Oakland, CA

Creative Directions is proud to have received the honor of the “Best of 2012 Oakland-Drafting Services” award.

Creative Directions in Oakland, CA can play a flexible role in a partnership with you. Whether we are the support team to your staff or the design partner, we are team players and our associates can help see your project through to the end.

Design and Drafting Services

We offer a range of design services. The focus of our design and drafting associates is to provide services that help you obtain building permits. We offer proposed plans, details and sections, revisions by client and design consultation with engineering and city staff.


The City of Oakland, CA may use the “project specific” approach for all projects large and small but other than minor work on your business or house, you will be required to obtain permits from the Building Services Division. Be prepared; hire Creative Directions for all your planning needs.


Our drafting and design associates draft the documentations required by the city of Oakland, CA when applying for building permits. The general documentation required is construction drawings, elevation drawings, floor plans, and plot plans.

Plan Submittal Expeditors

Our clients are too busy to stand in lines at the Building Services Department to apply for building permits. General contractors, real estate investors and developers have many other responsibilities and know Creative Directions will handle their permit applications in a professional manner. We will stand in line for you.

Title 24 Certificates

In California, there are energy efficiency standards for residential and non-residential buildings. You will need a Title 24 energy report in order to get a builders permit. The forms in the report verify that your proposed building design complies with the energy standards. We have the state-approved software to create the report you need.

As-Built Drawings

As-built drawings are the final set of drawings at the completion of a construction project. These drawings show all the modifications and changes made throughout the duration of the project. The creation of these designs is a little different from the original CAD plans.

Whatever challenges you face, we have the solutions and the experienced associates available to work with you or your team. Consult with us today.