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Building Permits

Permit Drawings


Building Permits | Creative Directions

A building permit gives you permission by the City of Oakland, CA to start your project in accordance with the approved drawings. Cities and counties...

Permit Drawings | Creative Directions

Permit drawings are a lot less detailed than construction documents but for some projects, permit drawings may be sufficient for a building permit...

Drafting | Creative Directions

When you have an idea in mind for a project, you might quickly sketch it out on paper but to communicate the full scope of your idea, you need a...

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Creative Directions in Oakland, CA is a design and drafting service for residential and commercial tenant improvements. Our clients are general contractors, real estate investors, developers, property owners, realtors, engineers and architects.

We have a team of associates providing fast and affordable design and drafting services. Our 25 years of experience shows in each successful project that we handle. Client satisfaction is our priority. Our associates stay focused with a client from the creation of the first set of permit plans through to the last set of as-built plans. Creative Directions takes pride in helping complete a building project.

We are appreciative of our clients that have shared their success stories with others. Our team of associates has worked with Cetus Corporation, Stanford University, Quaker Oats Corp., Pacific Bell, Oakland Unified School District, Superior Tile Co., We Love Small Jobs, Turner Construction Group and many others.

Architects and engineers depend on our professional draft team to work with them in their design and planning stage and throughout the processes that follow.

Property owners and realtors know the professionalism we bring to any project and call on Creative Directions in the Oakland, CA area.

Having the required documentation from the very first visit to the Building Services Department in Oakland, CA can save you time and frustration. Let Creative Directions become your design partner and guide you through the design and planning processes. Get to know the team that’s committed to our company’s success.